Ugee 2150 Hands On Review

Ugee 2150 Hands On Review

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Initially, I wrote this review almost a year ago, but my system crashed and I had to build a new one. Also, I was busy with graduate school. Nevertheless, here is my review. I should also point out I received the Ugee 2150 to review, but this has not influenced my thoughts on the product.

The Ugee 2150 is a Graphics Monitor Display developed by Ugee Technology which was founded in 1998 according to their website. For some reason, however, you won’t find the Ugee 2150 on their website, but you can locate it on Amazon and various other places.  If you purchase the package deal you will receive a screen protector, drawing glove, a VGA connector cable, so I advise you to have a DVI cable on hand if you need it.  You also receive an HDMI cable, USB connector, two stylus pens, a pen stand with extra nibs in it and two pen charger cables.  Overall, I consider this a good tablet and definitely a great affordable alternative to Cintiq.  So let’s get to the review.

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This will be perhaps the only area anyone will have difficulties with the Ugee 2150 and the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five. If I haven’t made it known before around here on Best Graphics Tablets, I have a background in Information Technology. In other words, I have worked in positions where I have experience working in hardware and software installation among other things. Still, this took me a while to figure out. I admit, however, I did not do enough research up front to discover any problems with the tablet and I had just upgraded my system with a few hard drives and Windows 10 64 bit. Thus, this was my first experience troubleshooting installation through Windows 10.

In any case, my suggestion is to install the drivers from the CD first. Afterward, go to Ugee dot net and download and install the Windows 8/10 Ugee 2150 drivers. WITHOUT RESTARTING DESPITE THE WINDOWS ALERT DEMANDING THAT YOU DO. If you restart, it won’t work. This is the only way it worked for me, hopefully, if you are on Windows 10, this advice will work for you as well. I spent possibly an hour or two wrestling with the software and trying to figure out what was wrong until I found a discussion over on Reddit. That is how I found the updated drivers. Final tip, if the driver Icon, seen in the image, isn’t showing then you didn’t get the job done. Uninstall, restart, do it again.

As of November 2017 and Windows build 1709 a problem manifested which caused the pen to remain stuck to the right or left side of the monitor. Ugee provided a BETA driver which fixes this issue. You can read about the issue here: Microsoft Community Discussion. You can find the updated driver here at the top of the list as of 1/1/2018: Ugee Support Page.

First Impressions

Once the Ugee 2150 was installed it has been a wonderful experience.  The screen protector doesn’t hinder my artwork and since I haven’t spent time on a graphics monitor for a while, it seems anything is better than the usual graphics tablets. Still, I felt the surface wasn’t a hindrance overall.

Pressure sensitivity flows pretty well. If it is too sensitive to you then you can pull up the monitor’s control panel called Penates and set your sensitivity.  Once set everything works fine. I spent several hours illustrating characters on the Ugee 2150 without any problems. No crashes on my system, nothing. Everything flowed perfectly fine.

Tracking, however, may be the other thing some people complain about. However, it is not entirely too serious. Occasionally, possibly when I have too many things going on with my system, the stylus, cursor and artwork in Photoshop, etc. aren’t in sync. Eventually, everything catches up with everything and the lag is no more than a few seconds at worst. In other words, as I said, it is not a deal breaker. It does not hinder workflow at all in my opinion.

Ugee 2150 works well with Photoshop, of course, but also Painter 2015 and, but without pressure sensitivity. FireAplaca worked, but the calibration was off. Even after calibrating the stylus and cursor with the Tablet Control Panel/Penate, it still wouldn’t track right in FireAplaca. For some strange reason, Paint Tool SAI wouldn’t even recognize the stylus. It just sort of changed the whole Graphics Monitor to a monitor and I could only use the stylus pen again if I closed out of SAI. Of course, I am on Windows 10 and some of the open source software hasn’t caught up. Also, I have a trial version of SAI, assuming that could have anything to do with it. Otherwise, the Ugee 2150 works fine with major graphics software such as Adobe and Corel.

Final Thoughts from Initial Impression

While there are some minor concerns already mentioned above, none of them seem to be deal breakers. Most individuals purchasing this Graphic display will reap benefits, especially in the budget department, and have an easy workflow. The most difficult thing, as mentioned above, is the installation. Since I can’t predict everything that may happen on your end, I can just wish you good luck on that end. Still, I’m happy to offer some of my expertise as advice. Beyond that, overall, I would recommend this Graphics Monitor as the Ugee UG-2150 does its job well once it’s installed.

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