Affordable Graphics Tablet: Turcom TS-6580 Hands on Review

Affordable Graphics Tablet: Turcom TS-6580 Hands on Review

By on Feb 7, 2015 in Affordable Graphics Tablets, Good Wacom Alternatives | 4 comments


I’ve been using the Turcom TS-6580 for well over three months now.  During that time I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this little graphic tablet which is well worth any price under $100.00. Although the Turcom TS-6580B (Black) was fairly popular, I chose to purchase the Turcom TS-6580 White version. Essentially both tablets are the same and the White version was selling for under $40.00 over on Amazon at the time I purchased it. However, as anyone knows, Amazon reserves the right to raise or lower prices at any given time, but the TS-6580 is still well under $100.00.

Feel free to take a moment to watch the video reviews:


The TS-6580 has withstood a relatively hefty amount of use during the past few months. I’ve used it on several professional and personal projects and in the process, I’ve felt it’s no different from my old VisTablet to make a comparison. Also, from what I can recall about Wacom, I wasn’t missing anything in the realm of quality.  In the first video you’ll hear me make a small complaint about the tablet’s surface, but I got used to it pretty fast. The surface texture never hindered my workflow in any way.

The only problems I had with the tablet occurred during installation. As I stress in the video review, please ensure you install the TS-6580 drivers with patience and alertness. Pay attention to the instructions and be sure to uninstall any previous drivers you had on your system. I would suggest rebooting after you uninstall your old drivers to ensure they’re fully gone. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, I only have Windows 7 64-bit, therefore I cannot offer any guidance or opinions regarding Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or any Macintosh operating systems.

As far as size, the TS-6580 is nowhere near as small as the old Wacom Bamboo, but not as big as the Intuos Medium. The size range falls somewhere in between the two, but far larger than the old Bamboo tablets. It doesn’t take up much space on my all-purpose computer desk, and since I’ve owned it, I have been able to store it in the original box under my desk with a few other affordable tablets waiting their turn to be used.

The pressure sensitivity has worked well for me over the past few months, but one word of caution, before you boot up your graphics software of choice, please ensure you start-up the TS-6580’s Driver VTABLET software to open the Pen Tablet Settings as shown in the video.  During my time using it, I have noticed the pressure sensitivity fails without the Pent Tablet Settings running. So it’s no surprise I developed a routine of starting up the Pen Tablet Settings, going to the Pressure button and ensuring the sensitivity was on before starting any project. I’d recommend you do this as well should you purchase this tablet.

The stylus pen does require a battery and in the several months I have been using it I had to replace the batteries in several X-Box controllers, my wireless mouse which runs on batteries, television remotes, and many more battery operated devices, but this stylus pen keeps on going. I haven’t noticed any unnecessary drainage in the stylus even when I pulled back to back all-nighters on an illustration I needed to finish.

The tablet works well in the following software I was able to test: Paint Tool SAI, FireAlpaca, Corel Painter 13, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Illustrator CS6. It didn’t work well in for some odd reason and I was unable to get around to troubleshooting it.

Overall, I would recommend the Turcom TS-6580 as an affordable tablet if you have a severely tight budget to work with or if you don’t feel the need to splurge on more “high-end” graphics tablets. For a tablet generally sold under $50.00, it’s a quality and affordable investment. It does what you need it to do in the popular graphics software and it does it well in my opinion.