Affordable Graphics Tablet:  Monoprice 10 X 6.25 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Affordable Graphics Tablet: Monoprice 10 X 6.25 Graphic Drawing Tablet

By on Nov 30, 2014 in Affordable Graphics Tablets, Good Wacom Alternatives |


Monoprice is another well-known alternative to Wacom tablets. The Monoprice MP1060-HA60 Graphic Drawing Tablet comes with 1024 pressure sensitivity levels and 8 programmable hotkeys and 16 function keys. The pen requires a battery and most people consider it a cheap design overall, but it varies. Nevertheless, the 10 X 6.25 inch tablet boasts low response time with regard to pen to screen response time. Some have praised it with positive comparisons to the old Wacom Graphire4 tablets.

However, some users have complained about difficult installations, just make sure you have the most updated drivers. Some users also refer to it as a more entry level tablet, good for people just getting into digital art. Other users dislike the “rock-hard” plastic surface, but found a work around by using paper on top of the surface to draw on.  Many users chose to purchase a second Monoprice Pen in order to overcome some of the hang ups of the default pen. Overall, Monoprice backs their products with a one-year warranty.

Specifications Overview:

Overall size: 14.2″ X 10.2″
Work Area: 10″ X 6.25″
Connector type: USB, 53″
OS Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (With some installation headaches,) Vista SP2, XP SP3, Mac OS X (10.5 or higher) and some users have stated it has worked with Arch Linux.
Resolution (LPI) 2540, PPS: 133


  • 1024 pen pressure levels.
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • 16 programmable hot keys.
  • Low response time.
  • USB Connection.
  • Reminiscent of old Wacom Graphire4.
  • Nice work area size.


  • Fragile & heavy pen design.
  • Batter operated Pen.
  • Pen and Tablet can cause issues for mouse when pen and tablet are too close together while user isn’t using the tablet.
  • Surface may seem slippery or unnatural to some drawing styles.