Review Summations


If I haven’t had the chance to personally use a graphics tablet then I personally read through reviews so you don’t have to then give you an objective summary of the information to help you make a decision or narrow down your choices to investigate. I collect a variety of reviews across the web, but eventually I will personally use each of the more popular graphics tablets to give more personal reviews.



Although I’ve used Wacom in the past and I generally like their product, you will find no bias here. I try to keep my summations and personal reviews as objective as possible. I make no extra money from endorsing any company be it Wacom, Huion, Turcom, Ugee or any other up and coming drawing and graphics tablet developers.

However, I do make a small commission should you choose to purchase your graphics tablet or any product through Amazon, no extra charge to you of course.

Experience and Understanding


I’ve been drawing, illustrating, designing, painting (relatively), animating, etc for over 14 years. I’ve used everything from Wacom to various off brand graphics tablets such as VisTablet, Turcom and others.

Therefore I have some experience and understanding in what most artists are looking for in a graphics tablet.

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